In any event, the home hobbyist usually finds that money-saving is not the important factor when he selects material for his project, since materials seldom exceed one-third of the value of the average cabinet or piece of furniture.
In almost all of his furniture projects, Bill Baker gears his instructions toward the use of plywood rather than solid wood, not only because of the factors of wood strength and outdoor durability, but also because of the simplicity in cutting out necessary pieces.

There is usually little waste, there are less operations required for the home hobbyist, and plywood is available in a very wide range of beautiful hardwoods. New techniques for edge treatment, such as Wood-Trim in matching veneers, also add simplicity to the job. Duraply is plywood with a special over-lay surface; it is non-porous and is, therefore, easy and economical to paint. When finished, Duraply has a handsome appearance. Nakora is the most handsome of economical plywoods for indoor furniture, particularly for modern furniture. Birch plywood is one of the strongest hardwood plywoods available and it is especially suited for colonial furniture. 

When it is stained which it takes nicely without feeling it can be made to resemble most any wood finish. Since it isn't porous, it lends itself very well to painting and is especially good for children's furniture.